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About the Instructor

Mindy Graber, CEIM


Art and babies are the two things that I have felt most connected to and passionate about in my life.

I am a CEIM (Certified Educator of Infant Massage) and also a mixed media artist with a studio in south Austin.


Choosing to birth my 3 children at home in the 80’s was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

That being said, I have always been a firm believer in close connection and the importance of bonding with those little beings that grow inside of us, then appear, teaching us so many incredible things!

This experience is surely some of what has mapped out my lifework and passions.

The journey has not been a straight line (is it ever?). I earned my Masters degree in Humanistic Psychology, and worked for 18 years with emotionally, physically and sexually abused children and their families.  As I learned about Infant Massage, I immediately knew that I wanted to pursue the work of teaching and facilitating the experience of reading cues and encouraging the two-way conversation with understanding and support.


Nurturing touch and the practice of asking permission from the start, can be empowering and beneficial in many ways for both parent, baby and the community. Research supports that providing these tools can be an important facet in the work of raising compassionate, empathetic and respectful human beings.

Bonding is a process that blooms over time and it is never too late!

It would be an honor to share in this process with you.

“I believe that every parent, regardless of personal philosophy, and every infant, regardless of birth history or disposition, should have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that come from early bonds that are loving, healthy, and secure."

Vimala McClure

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