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Parent Testimonials

"Mindy is a great resource for baby massage; her calm approach and sweet attitude put caregivers and babies at ease as we practice the techniques. Thanks!" Meredith O.


“He was very relaxed after his massage. It really helped with our bedtime routine.”

Monica C.


“I feel we communicate better.” Irene V.


"Babies thrive on touch- this class is a must for new parents! While you develop tools that will help with bonding, relaxation, and even tummy aches- your little one will delight in the stimulation and all the new faces. Mindy is a joy to be around, and seriously one of the kindest human beings I have ever met. She creates an easy-going space that is completely baby-led. Can't recommend enough! The massage routine helped us bond and had a relaxing effect at home. He came to enjoy and look forward to his massage time."

Meredith W.


“I feel more comfortable reading his body cues.” Liz B.


“Thanks so much for the information and sense of community." Melody A.

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